Shortcuts #13 Kurzfilmabend

The #ShortCuts series shows experimental short films. Filmmakers regularly present their work. The selected short films focus on waiting and perseverance, moments of being alone and coming together.

Bernd Oppl, Hotel Room, 2014
Josephine Ahnelt, Wasser aus Korn, 2014
Leo Calice, Gerhard Treml, Calipatria, 2017
Laura Weissenberg, Erde essen, 2021
Gudrun Krebitz, Shut Up Moon, 2014
et al.

Wed 17/11
7 pm

included in admission

Entry is free for Mainz students.
With the kind support of the AStA JGU Mainz 

Screening und Q&A mit Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson

The two artists have been collaborating since 2007 and present the joint work Passive Aggressive 3 (Public Relations). Her works are dedicated to the relationship between the individual and the group as well as communicative acts beyond language.

Wed 24/11
7 pm

included in admission

Fade into You – A Series of Film Screenings

The series Fade into You shows video accompanying the exhibition, which deal in detail with the themes of the exhibitions.

Artists of past episodes in alphabetical order:

Akram Zaatari, Beirut Exploded Views, 2014
Anna Witt, Geld zu finden, 2012
Anri Sala, Intervista, 1998
Bertille Bak, Urban Chronicles, 2011
Bettina Pousttchi, Double Empire, 2000
Bettina Pousttchi, Line, 2005
Bettina Pousttchi, Ocularis, 1999
Bettina Pousttchi, Reset, 2001
Bjørn Melhus, The Meadow, 2007
Bjørn Melhus, Das Badezimmer, 2011
Brice Dellsperger, Body Double 22, 2010
Camille Henrot, Coupé / Décalé, 2010
Camille Henrot, Million Dollars Point, 2011
Camille Henrot, Grosse Fatigue, 2013
Christian Jankowski, Die Jagd, 1998
Chris Marker, La Jetée, 1962
Clemens von Wedemeyer, Found Footage, 2008-09
Corinna Schnitt, Schönen, guten Tag, 1995
Cory Arcangel, Drei Klavierstücke, op. 11, 2009
Cyprien Gaillard, Pruitt Igoe Falls, 2009
Daniel Buren, Interruption, 1969
Daniel Buren, Mexique, 1959
Deimantas Narkevičius, The Role of a Lifetime, 2003
Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Pegasus Dance, 2007
Fiona Tan, Island, 2008
Francis Alÿs, Re-Enactments, 2000
Ger van Elk, The Flattening of the Brook's Surface, 1972/2002
Gerard Byrne, 'Homme à femmes (Michel Debrane)', 2004
Gillian Wearing, 10-16, 1997
Gillian Wearing, I Love You, 1999
Gillian Wearing, Trauma, 2000
Günther + Loredana Selichar, GT Granturismo, 2001
Guy Maddin, Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair, 2009
Halil Altındere, Wonderland, 2013
Harun Farocki, Nicht löschbares Feuer, 1969
Helen Marten, Orchids, or a hemispherical bottom, 2013
Isa Rosenberger, Vladimir’s Journey (The Captain), 2013
Joan Jonas, Upsidedown and Backwards, 1980
Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Barmeh, 2001
Jochen Kuhn, Exit, 2008 / Sonntag 3, 2012
John Bock, Im Schatten der Made, 2010
John Skoog, Federsee, 2013
John Smith, Flag Mountain (Southern Nicosia, looking towards the border with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), 2010
Jordan Wolfson Infinite Melancholy, 2003
Julius von Bismarck, Irma To Come In Earnest, 2017
Julius von Bismarck: Punishment I, 2011
Jumana Mana, Wild Relatives, 2018
Klaudia Stoll und Jacqueline Wachall, High Heel Obsession, 2012
Lamia Joreige, Nights and Days, 2007 / Full Moon, 2007
Léandre Bernard-Brunel, Colorature, 2012
Lina Sieckmann und Miriam Gossing, One Hour Real, 2015–16
Liz Magic Laser, The Thought Leader, 2015
Maisie Maud Broadhead & Jack Cole, An Ode to Hill and Adamson, 2012
Marcel Dzama, Death Disco Dance, 2011
Marcel Odenbach, Im Schiffbruch nicht schwimmen können, 2011
Marcondes Dourado Barbosa, Ogodô Ano 2000, 1996
Maria Lassnig, Baroque Statues, 1970-74 / Art Education, 1976
Marko Schiefelbein, FREEDOM TO MOVE, 2013
Martha Rosler, Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, The Walk to Dover, 2005-2007
Matt Pyke, Hype Circle: Machine Learning, 2018
Matthew Barney, Cremaster 2, 1999
Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet, Phoenix Tapes #1-#6, 1999
Maya Deren, A Study in Choreography for Camera, 1946
Monika Huber, Captured, 2014
Mwangi Hutter, The Cage, 2009
Nathalie Djurberg, The Mad Tea Party, 2004
Nathalie Djurberg, New Movements in Fashion, 2006
Nicholas Mangan: Nauru – Notes from a Creaceous World, 2010
Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch: Räumliche Maßnahme 1, 2003
Oliver Pietsch: Because, 2008
Ori Gersht: Big Bang, 2006
Ori Gersht, The Forest, 2005
Pascal Magnin, Reines d’un Jour, 1996
Pauline Bastard, Hollywood Childhood, 2011
Pedro Neves Marques, Linnaeus and the Terminator Seed, 2017
Peter Land, The Lake, 1999
Peter Tscherkassky, The Exquisite Corpus, 2015
Peter Watkins, Forgotten Faces, 1961
Peter Weibel und Hotel Morphila Orchester, Wir sind Daten, 2013
Pipilotti Rist, I’m Not the Girl Who Misses Much, 1986
R. M. Naeem, Mutability, 2013 / 6th May 2013 (Father‘s Day), 2013
Reynold Reynolds, The Lost, 2011-2013
Richard Billingham, Fishtank, 1998
Roman Signer: Punkt, 2006 / Einbruch im Eis, 1985
Rosalind Nashashibi, Eyeballing, 2005
Roz Mortimer, Wormcharmer, 1998
Sebastian Gräfe, Mit dem Meer spazieren gehen, 2008
Sharon Hayes, 10 min of Collective Activity, 2003
Shelly Nadashi, A Place for Commas and Dots, 2013
Simon Wachsmuth, Regen/Rain, 2000
Sofia Hultén, Grey Area. 12 Attempts to hide in an office environment, 2001
Stan Douglas, Suspiria, 2003
Stanya Kahn, Arms Are Overrated, 2012
Suzie Silver, A Spy (Hester Reeve Does the Doors), 1992
Sven Johne, Wissower Klinken, 2007
The Otolith Group, Hydra Decapita, 2010
Tracey Moffatt, Nice Coloured Girls, 1987
Ulla von Brandenburg, Chorspiel, 2010
Ulu Braun, Forst, 2013
Ulu Braun, BIRDS, 2014
Ursula Biemann, Deep Weather, 2013
Ursula Biemann, Subatlantic, 2015
Walid Raad / The Atlas Group: I only wish that I could weep, 1997/2002
Yvonne Rainer, Trio A, 1978

Shortcuts – Short film series

In cooperation with the Fachschaft Filmwissenschaft of JGU Mainz, a program of old and new short films will be shown, which pursue an artistically experimental approach and invite discussion.

In cooperation with Fachschaft Filmwissenschaft of JGU Mainz. 

ShortCuts #1

Lukas Marxt & Marcel Odenbach, Fishing is not done on Tuesdays, 2017
Lukas Marxt, Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off), 2018
Lukas Marxt, Circular Inscription, 2016
Lukas Marxt, Black Rain White Scars,


ShortCuts #2

Laida Lertxundi, 025 Sunset Red, 2016
Laida Lertxundi, Llora Cuando Te Pase / Cry When it Happens, 2010
Bruce Baillie, To Parcifal, 1963



NEOZOON Collective, GOOD BOY - BAD BOY, 2013 
Harun Farocki, Parallel IV, 2014 
Laure Prouvost, We Know We Are Just Pixel, 2015
Bernd Lützeler & Guido Möbius, Batagur Baska, 2016 
Laurie O'Brien, Fractured, 2017 
Nikita Diakur, Ugly, 2017,
Jannis Lenz, WANNABE, 2017 

In cooperation with Mainzer Filmsommer


ShortCuts #4 screening and talk with Ute Aurand

Ute Aurand, Am Meer, 1995
Ute Aurand, Halbmond für Margaret, 2004
Ute Aurand, Kopfüber im Geäst, 2009
Ute Aurand, Four Diamonds, 2016
Ute Aurand, Lisa, 2017, u.a.


ShortCuts #5 screening and talk with Prof. Dr. Marc Siegel

Yael Bartana, Mary Koszmary/Nightmares, 2007
Roee Rosen, Two Women and a Man, 2005
Dara Birnbaum, Technology Transformation: Wonder Woman, 1978/79
Zach Blas, Jubilee 2033, 2018


ShortCuts #6 screening and talk with James Edmonds

James Edmonds, Movement and Stillness, 2015
James Edmonds, Seasons/Patterns, 2018/19
James Edmonds, Overland, 2016
James Edmonds, A Return, 2018


ShortCuts #7

Angelica Germanà Bozza, Anniversary (Salveger), 2018
Elliot Blue, Home?, 2018
Hussen Ibraheem, Sweet Discomfort of Missed Connections, 2018
Scarlett Nimz, Wenn Angst die Arme vor deinem Verstand verschlägt, 2018
Savio Debaris, Happy Birthday, 2018

Stan Brakhage, Dog Star Man: Prelude, 1962

In cooperation with Visionär Film Festival Berlin


ShortCuts #8

Christiane Gehner, Programmhinweise, 1970
Helke Sander, SUBJEKTITÜDE, 1966
Magdalena Chmielewska, Am Himmel, 2018
Erik Schmitt, Forever Over, 2014
Deborah Stratman, Vever (For Barbara), 2018

In cooperation with Mainzer Filmsommer


ShortCuts #9 screening and talk with Gunter Deller

Gunter Deller, Schattengrenze, 1999
Gunter Deller, Eisgrub, 2004
Gunter Deller, Light My Fire, 2013
Gunter Deller, Fragile Fossile, 2014
Gunter Deller, One Another, 2017
Gunter Deller, Killer Instinct, 16mm


ShortCuts #10 screening and talk with Cecila Valenti 

Cecilia Mangini, La Canta Delle Marane, 1962
Claude Jutra, The Devil’s Toy / rouli-roulant, 1966
Nadine Khan, One in a Million, 2006
Rainer Knepperges, Looping, 2014
Robert Führer, Autojagd, 1978
Milena Gierke, Aidswalk, 1995
Sadie Benning, Girl Power, 1992
Toni Serra, Wahab, 1994


ShortCuts #11 



ShortCuts #12 screening and talk with Yumi Machiguchi

Atsushi WADA, わからないブタ / In a pig's eye, 2010
Hana ONO, 澱みの騒ぎ / Crazy Little Thing, 2014
Hitomi OOTAKARA, おもかげたゆた / Calling you, 2016
Mika SEIKA, ふりだし / Starting over, 2016
KURIHARA, Mind Room Moe, 2017
Honami YANO, 染色体の恋人 / Chromosome sweet heart, 2017
Yosuke TANI, 怪獣神話 / Quest of the Battling Gods, 2018
Shinobu SOEJIMA, 鬼とやなり / House Rattler, 2018
Yoshiro KAWAKAMI, 雲梯(うんてい) / Summer Sky Reverie, 2019
Kaori MURATA, 私たちの家 / Our House, 2020
Prof. Koji YAMAMURA, 水の夢 / Water Dream, 2019